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High Ropes

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The description is in the title- High ropes consists of 8 high challenges for you to choose from. Test your head for heights starting at 3m and up to 20m off the ground.
Each challenge is accomplished by working as a team, requiring trust and corporation. You are attached to a secure rope above, you just need a bit of faith.
The Challenges are:
  • Leap of Faith: launch yourself from a 30ft platform and catch the trapeze bar.
  • All Abroad: climbing up onto a platform at 10m, the challenge is to get your entire team up there with you!
  • The Jacobs Ladder: A huge ladder up to 10m but the rungs get wider apart the higher you go.
  • Cave Ladder climb: how fast and high can you climb a metal caving ladder
  • Balance beam: A simple beam but at height
  • Postman’s walk: traversing cables at height.
  • High Vines: Another cable at height but with only hanging ropes to steady yourself.
  • The tree Abseil: climb the tallest tree in the forest and abseil back down whilst enjoying the views.

The high ropes course is a great activity on its own but can also be linked with others to make a longer session or an all day event.
Contact us for more details.
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1 activity 3-4hrs
2/3 activities 6-8hrs
Client/ Instructor ratio:
From 1:1 to 1:8
Please see our map below for our locations
All climbing equipment will be provided.
You will need trainers or boots.
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£35 per person
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Here’s how to book:
Choose the number of people and click on the PayPal Pay Now button.

If you are paying a deposit click

For multiple activities please contact us.

If you wish to pay by cheque or Bacs please
contact us.
please select the number of people

Please complete a booking form for each participant. But this can also be done on the day.
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Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.
If you would like to purchase this activity as a present or gift we can send you a voucher either by post or as a pdf.
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