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Guided Winter courses

Is there a mountain in the UK you have always wanted to ascend in Winter. Maybe a North facing gully on Ben Nevis or Snowdon in full winter conditions. It could be you want to learn some winter skills and only have one day.

Like the beginners course we can cover all the essentials winter skills as well as summit a mountain of your choice.

You may be heading to the Alps or the Great rangers and want to practice your crampon and ice axe skills.

The guided course is completely open to your requirements. Why not contact us to discuss what you would like to do.

This is a perfect gift for the aspiring partner, family member or bride/ groom to be. We can then send you a voucher.

To Book simply click on the booking form and fill in the details. Then click on the paypal button or send us a cheque.

Obviously weather is a defining factor as to which location you choose. If you click on the
Locations you will see a description of at least 6 areas we cover. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Info
1 or 2 days
Client/ Instructor ratio:
1: 2
You can choose anywhere from the map below. Or maybe there is somewhere new?
All Climbing equipment is provided. You can use your own, if you have it.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Cost
1 or 2 people £160 per day per group

3 or 4 people £200 per day per group
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Booking
Here’s how to book:
Choose the number of people and click on the PayPal Pay Now button.

Each participant must fill in a booking form

If you wish to pay by cheque or Bacs please
contact us.
Please select from the following options

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Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.
Jane and I were asked by Podsacs to feature in their promotional video Filmed by Snowlne Productions.
Peak Aspect reports and articles:

  • Himlung Himal

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